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June 2016
Project moved at Github : (New version 1.6.0 - big update)
Website :

Project Description
Krypton OutlookGrid is a customized version of the DataGridView (C#) that allows multi-grouping and multi-sorting facilities for .NET Winforms.


When building an application you come across this common question : how to display data ?
One of the possible answers is to display it inside a grid. In the winforms world there is the datagridview. However if you begin to have lots of data (i.e. > 100 elements) it becomes difficult to retrieve the information you need. You would probably want to do what you do with Outlook : grouping the data.
But that task is impossible with the standard datagridview which only allows sorting data.

Additional information
This project is a fork of the excellent OutlookGrid from Herre Kuijpers. Therefore the source relies on his project with some parts stripped down, bugs corrections and some enhancements detailed later.
Please take a look to the original article :

The other goal of the grid is to match the style with the commercial Krypton Suite from Component Factory. It was previously a suite with a free Toolkit component, on which our grid relies on. The entire suite is now open-source and can be found here

Finally this grid is used in our applications that are currently in development. You can visit us at JDH Software here :


1. Grouping and nested grouping

You can group one or several columns (up to all) of the grid. There are also built-in context-menus to interact with the grid.

2. Sorting

You can sort any groups and one non-grouped column. The sorts takes care about the types in the grid.

3. Custom columns

The grid includes custom columns such a progress column, Image and Text Column.

4. Performance

The grid offers relatively good performance to my sense.
In the KryptonOutlookGrid SandBox, there are 2000 rows. Grouping Name, Country and Address takes around 50 to 60 ms. Just test yourself ! (the data file is the same of the original outlook grid)
But that heavily depends on the number of rows, the depth of grouping, the number of columns, the types to compare,... etc.
To sum up in most scenarios it will be fine.

5. Krypton and Office styling

The grid is Krypton aware, that means it adapts its rendering with Krypton components.


There are some limitations with this grid :
- No databinding capabilities (unbound mode only)
- Virtual mode not tested, but shouldn't function.
- Others that I do not have in mind ? :)


The control will evolve with the different projects lead by JDH Software, but who knows with the help of the community too ?


See here


I hope you will enjoy using it in your projects. Tell me where you use it, I'm interested to see it in action !
I would like to thank Herre Kuijpers for his original work that helps me a lot to achieve this and his agreement to make a fork. As him I would like to share what I've managed to do and I hope it can help other people.

Oh and visit us to try our applications when they will be released. (or subscribe to the BETA channels) ;)
JDH Software

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